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Best SUV in Lexington NC – 2018 Jeep Cherokee

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Best SUV in Lexington NC - 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Vehicle Overview

For its 2018 update, this car is now entitled to a front end that looks like the rest of the range. The old chassis is finished, and so are the almost agricultural mechanics that were found with the previous model. After resurrecting the Compass and renewing the Wrangler, the brand is preparing to give a little boost to the 2018 Cherokee. The company has also unveiled a prototype before revealing the range that was restyled, at the Detroit show. The 2018 Jeep Cherokee available at Lexington Jeep reconciles the world of premium SUVs and the Jeep spirit. Of course, the Trailhawk version with increased off-road capabilities will also be available.

Best SUV in Lexington NC - 2018 Jeep Cherokee Overview

From now on, the pioneer of SUV is using an Italian-American platform and an Italian engine. Gone are the minimalist headlights, and the car now has a look similar to that of his little brother, the Compass. This is a bold gamble, which requires an essential technological background and a modern technical base. Above all, the company intends to take advantage of the craze for SUVs that is still intact. The generation of the 2018 Jeep Cherokee marks a turning point, and this is the first model developed under the guidance of the young Fiat-Chrysler group. The iconic fighter has come back.

Best SUV in Lexington NC - 2018 Jeep Cherokee Exterior


This generation is updated with the 2018 Jeep Cherokee. On the other hand, it will be easy to get used to the well-made layout of the dashboard (a plethora of buttons and it is easy to understand the hierarchy of commands). The rear seat moves forward, the folded bench frees up a flat space and the front passenger seat folds down to allow the loading of bulky objects. Also, the car knows how to provide a luxurious experience. Without being a champion of volume, it also offers exceptional modularity. With its imposing size, the size of the trunk is spacious. There is progress at first glance: the imitation leather is extended, there is moderately high-tech instrumentation with a TFT screen, etc. The layout does not disappoint, with the rights adjustments, plastics that are not too fragile, and the car shows a high level of attention to details (such as screws, bolts and apparent attachments along the sunroof).

Best SUV in Lexington NC - 2018 Jeep Cherokee Interior


This car is dynamic and still provides the original spirit. We nevertheless find the grill notches are typically Jeep. The first notable sign of renewal, his style, is quite clear with its refined lights. This is a big car, and that alters the road behavior. Fortunately, it isn’t clumsy when compared to more “road” SUVs such as the Mercedes GLE, it is also comfortable off the asphalt, and helped by handling that is well made and not imprecise. This car is heavy: ~5,000 lbs empty according to the brand. In profile, the break is clear: the newcomer is more of a crossover as compared to a real SUV. From behind, the style is even more iconic.

Best SUV in Lexington NC - 2018 Jeep Cherokee Mechanical


Deeply restyled, he received, among other things, an excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox, which considerably contributes to the driving pleasure. Depending on the version, it can tow up to 7716 lbs. That is because this car has strength. In 2018, an incredible Trackhawk version, and probably the best SUV in Lexington will land at the Lexington Jeep home base. This model, most likely the best SUV in Lexington, will make the Grand Cherokee the most compelling SUV series on the planet. Understand that the Grand Cherokee can be driven everywhere thanks to its ground clearance, its significant suspension and its highly evolved transmission equipped with a range of short reports allows it to get out of a bad pass or extract a heavy boat from the water. In essence, since the disappearance of the six-cylinder, the largest Jeep marketed offers a V8. It must be said that the mechanics are healthy. This car is still a real 4×4.


With the diesel, we find the very detailed V6 Italian with 3.0 liters and 570 Nm of torque that offers very satisfactory performance with the added benefit of being very quiet. And this car is beefy: with a 5.7-liter engine and for the sports performance edition a 6.4 liters SRT engine. With a foot that is not too heavy, it will not use too much fuel either.


This car ventures a little further than its congeners which are more limited, especially with the Trailhawk (rear differential lock, underbody protections and raised ground clearance). Despite its attributes off-road, it remains civilized and offers a comfortable ride on long journeys with suspensions that are well calibrated. Also, the AWD provides four modes (sport, snow, sand, mud) with the Active Drive I management program. Honestly, given the beating rhythm you are likely to inflict on mountainous terrain, this car is amazingly robust. An Active Drive II is also available, including downhill traction control. Fortunately, apart from some noise at high speed, the sound volume remains mastered on the road. But, according to us, what distinguishes this car from other “traditional” SUVs is its true 4 x 4 capability, of which only the very expensive Range-Rover (Sport or normal) or the rusticly minded Toyota Land Cruiser can boast. Pleasant to drive, it offers complete equipment even with the basic version.


Since you have now analyzed every single one of the variables reviewed above, perhaps you should plan to be in touch with the Lexington Jeep professionals for expert services associated with this, the best SUV in Lexington.

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