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Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC

Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC
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Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC

Is your idea of a new car a sporty, muscular vehicle like the Dodge Charger? Maybe you’re looking for a rugged and powerful SUV like the Durango that can just as easily tow your trailer as it can transport your family. Maybe your idea of a new car is more along the lines of a pickup truck like the 2500 or the 1500, which comes in a new design this year. No matter what you’re envisioning, there are plenty of fine options to choose from in the Dodge family. Like other automakers, Dodge has made changes and improvements to its fleet this year to give you a selection that’s better than ever. So if you’re wondering “when can I visit a Dodge dealer near me Salisbury to take one for a test drive?”, we welcome your call today! Along with an expansive inventory of exciting new models to browse, we offer assistance with other aspects of car ownership too, such as vehicle financing. And if you’re looking for “quality service near me,” we offer that, too.

Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC - 2019 Dodge Durango

New Vehicle Sales

From passenger vehicles to commercial trucks, Dodge has all your car needs covered. Among the options in our inventory this year you might find the all-new Durango that you’ve been thinking about getting to replace your older one. This year’s Durango is just as tough and durable as Durangos of model years past. But this year, the Durango also gets the nice addition of more standard technology and safety features. Along with exterior changes like sculpted headlights that give the Durango more style, you’ll also want to try it out for the new engine that gives it more power. In the pickup family, Dodge offers the all-new 1500, which is rated as a Consumer Guide “Best Buy” for all the features that it offers. If a minivan is more along the lines of what you’re thinking of getting, the solid Grand Caravan is a great choice.

Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC - 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan

These vehicles near me all sound great, you think. But should you really be buying a new car? This is a question that we get often. And we can assure you that there are several reasons you can justify the expense. For starters, when you say “I need a new car from a Dodge dealer near me Salisbury,” you’ll be getting a car that has no previous ownership history or mileage. This eliminates any uncertainty about where the car came from, and it means that you can put as many miles on the car as possible. When you get a car from a Dodge dealer, you’ll be able to customize your vehicle in any way that you want. From adding luxury amenities like heated leather seats to adding on that exterior package you’ve always wanted, there is no shortage of possibilities for a custom finish.

Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC -2019 Dodge Charger

Financing a Vehicle

Deciding to get a new car is one step of the car ownership process. The next is deciding how you want to pay for it. If you’re looking to finance a Dodge near me Salisbury North Carolina, you have a few options available. Either one – a lease or loan – can be a great choice. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. If you want to own the car eventually, a loan is a good option. With a loan, you’ll make an initial payment up front, followed by a series of monthly loans. Once you’ve finished paying the last bit of the loan, the car is all yours. If you’re not quite ready to commit to owning a vehicle, or if you think you’d like another new one in few years, a lease near me Salisbury North Carolina is a good option. With a lease, you’ll also make an initial payment and continue with monthly payments after that. But unlike a loan, you won’t own your car when the lease is up. Instead, you’ll just pay to be able to drive the car for a time period that works for you. Leases are generally less expensive than car loans, and they last for a much shorter period of time.

Dodge dealer near me Salisbury NC - 2019 Dodge Challenger

Auto Repairs

Once you’ve driven away with your new Dodge, your car ownership responsibilities are not over. At some point, your vehicle will need service, which might be either routine maintenance or repairs. When this happens, you might wonder “is there a Dodge dealer near me Salisbury who can take care of my car?” Fortunately, we can. Our expert mechanics, who also only use certified components, have the skills and expertise necessary to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

If you’re in the market for a new Dodge, if your car needs service, or if you have questions about auto financing, just let us know. As your expert Dodge dealer, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help all current and prospective car owners. When you’re ready for a test drive, or if you simply want to ask some questions, just call or contact us online to let us know how we can help.

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