New Dodge High Point Buyers Guide – 2018 Dodge Journey for Sale in Lexington, NC

High Point Buyers Guide – 2018 Dodge Journey

High Point Buyers Guide - 2018 Dodge Journey
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Vehicle Overview

The Dodge Journey serving High Point North Carolina could easily be considered a sleeper hit. It first appeared back in 2009 and hasn’t seen too much of a redesign since then, but all the little upgrades add up over time. In this High Point Buyers Guide, we will reveal the admirable longevity and inherent quality of the 2018 Dodge Journey. We enjoy the quality of the ride, and the seats are definitely comfortable for anyone who wants to drive around town or go off-road a little. It also comes with a solid infotainment system for the kids. Be sure to contact Lexington Dodge to get more information about your options for a Journey.

High Point NC - 2018 Dodge Journey's Overview

Exterior – 2018 Dodge Journey

There are four available trims for the 2018 Dodge Journey serving High Point North Carolina. They come with two engine options and either all-wheel or front-wheel drive. The base options are the SE and the SXT, and they are fairly limited in features on their own. However, as our High Point Buyers Guide suggests, upgrading to the Crossroad will give you many features you would expect from higher-end competitors. Finally, the GT tops the range, offering all of the features of the lower three trims, as well as a V6 engine and a leather interior. Be sure to contact Lexington Dodge to get more information about the option you have to pick from to drive a Journey home today.

High Point NC - 2018 Dodge Journey's Exterior

Interior – 2018 Dodge Journey near High Point

Though the 2018 Dodge Journey comes as a midsize vehicle, the interior cabin space is a little closer to the compact SUV segment. All in all, our High Point Buyers Guide concludes the Journey remains an excellent choice for those needing to transport a family out for a weekend trip. The door size, the seat height, and the vehicle height are all standard for a compact SUV, so you won’t need anything special to get the kids up and inside. Inside, there’s an 8.4-inch touchscreen with intuitive menus, along with radio and climate controls. The headroom is sufficient for all passengers, and kids will find little trouble getting comfortable in the back row, but adults will want to stick to the front two rows.

High Point NC - 2018 Dodge Journey's Interior

Mechanical – Dodge Journey specs near High Point NC

The Journey offers a wealth of different package options and features. To start with, there is the Connectivity package, which offers a leather-wrapped steering wheel, voice commands, a USB port, satellite radio, and Bluetooth. The Popular Equipment package stays true to its name, offering overhead console storage, three-zone temperature control, and the aforementioned steering wheel. The Comfort and Convenience package has the contents of the first two packages, along with 17-inch alloy wheels. Upgrading to the Crossroad gives you the Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen package along with 19-inch alloy wheels with black paint. Finally, getting the GT trim from our dealer serving High Point North Carolina, you will receive the 19-inch wheels, a leather interior, a security system, a premium stereo system, and heated steering wheel and front seats.

High Point NC - 2018 Dodge Journey's Mechanical

Powertrain – Dodge Journey specs near High Point NC

The Journey’s V6 engine is a must as it provides much more acceleration than the four-cylinder engine found in the base trim. Capable of generating 283 horses, the 3.6-liter V6 engine will serve your everyday needs and haul your family at the same time. Contact Lexington Dodge to sign up for a test drive, and get a sense of the feedback this smooth ride can provide. In brake tests, the Journey was able to stop from 60 miles per hour in about 120 feet, which is not the fastest, but gets the job done.

Safety – 2018 Dodge Journey dealer

The Dodge Journey comes with dual-phase steel in vital areas so that it can handle more cargo while offering energy management in the event of an impact. Additionally, there are seven advanced airbags installed: front seat mounted side airbags, advanced multi-stage front airbags, supplemental side curtain airbags, and a bolster airbag at the driver’s knees. Each of these airbags are standard to all Journey trims. Finally, there are specialized crumble areas in the rear and front to help redirect the energy of impact to minimize risk of injury.

Closing Statement

Buyers interested in practicality and who don’t care about the frills will be perfectly happy with the Dodge Journey SE trim, but we think the best option for long term use will be the Crossroad Journey and the Driver Convenience package added on to it. This way, you can get the the infotainment system for the kids, along with all of the typical features you need and some extra luxuries. An impressively quiet vehicle, the Journey is the perfect ride for getting around town for every day shopping, or for taking the family out to the woods for the weekend on a basic camping trip. Be sure to contact our dealer to take our Journeys for a drive!

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