Winston Salem Area RAM repair for Sale in Lexington, NC

Winston Salem Area RAM repair

Winston Salem Area RAM repair
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Winston Salem Area RAM repair

Our dealership is the premier location for Dodge truck service and repairs in the Winston Salem Area. We’ve been repairing and servicing Dodge Ram trucks for decades and have the area’s top service technicians on our staff. Our techs are certified Dodge mechanics and have thousands of hours of experience fixing every part that could need repair. Because fixing Dodge trucks is all we do, we’re able to make repairs faster and more reliably than anyone else in the Winston Salem area. We service all years and styles of Dodge Rams. There is simply no better place to get your Ram fixed.

Winston Salem Area RAM repair - 2018 RAM 1500

Getting Ram repair done right

Many people take the view that their Dodge Rams should only be repaired when the vehicle becomes undrivable. But this is not the longevity-maximizing or the cost-minimizing course. The truth is that one of the biggest reasons to stay on top of repairs for your Dodge truck is to ensure that minor problems don’t turn into vehicle-ending catastrophes.

Particularly in the case of components that undergo normal wear, such as brake rotors, pads and steering and drivetrain components like CV joints, tie rods and control arms, a dollar of prevention often cures the need to buy a replacement truck. Junkyards are littered with cars that have experienced catastrophic mechanical failures as a result of owners simply not adhering to proper low-cost, routine maintenance. The small RAM repair can often save the big one that may be so costly that they effectively junk your Dodge truck.

Winston Salem Area RAM repair - 2018 RAM 2500

Serving Winston Salem NC

We’ve been serving Winston Salem NC for a long time and we’ve seen everything that can go wrong on Dodge trucks, usually hundreds of times over. This deep experience makes our dealership the most qualified place to get your Dodge truck repaired right. Our service and repair technicians are never guessing on what the best course of action is to handle your truck’s repair. We have the track record of success to prove that we know our stuff, and the thousands of return customers we see each year are testament to the fact that our service and repair team gets the job done right the first time.

Winston Salem Area RAM repair - 2018 RAM 3500

Schedule at M&L Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

Dodge trucks are some of the longest-lasting vehicles on the road. While cars from the 1980s or even the 1970s may not be a terribly uncommon sight throughout the American South, the number of Dodge trucks that are still on the road from those decades dwarf the number of other cars. Throughout much of the Northern states, cars from the 1970s and 1980s are virtually extinct, only seen throughout the summer months as obviously well-cared-for project cars. However, throughout states like Michigan and Wisconsin, there are still thousands of Dodge trucks on the road from the 1970s and 1980s, many of which have received no special care at all. This is evidenced by the extensive surface rust, dents, dings and blemishes that scar almost all of these trucks’ outward appearance. But on the inside, they’re still beasts, running strong and serving as the backbone of American labor decades after they rolled off the assembly line.

Winston Salem Area RAM repair - 2018 RAM 1500 Tungsten Edition

These ultra-durable warhorses of yesteryear still being present on so many of America’s roadways are a reminder of what may amount to the single biggest advantage of owning a Dodge truck; when properly cared for, a Dodge Ram can last virtually forever. And at just a short drive from Winston Salem, ensuring that your Dodge truck is repaired right by getting it serviced at the hands of our expert technicians is the single best way that you can guarantee that your Dodge truck will still be on the road decades into the future.

The truth is that following a proper maintenance and oil-change schedule at M&L Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is an almost surefire way to keep your truck running virtually forever. American trucks in general are built to far tougher standards than cars. While many truck owners offset this natural advantage in longevity by subjecting their trucks to hard use on a daily basis, things that normally lead to end-of-life catastrophes for passenger cars, like blown transmissions, thrown rods and blown head gaskets, are far less likely to happen on a rugged Dodge truck. And even when they do happen, the fact that so many of these trucks stay on the road for so long means that the parts, up to and including engines and transmissions, tend to be less costly to replace.

The good news is that staying on top of your Dodge Truck’s maintenance schedule is as easy as going online or calling us to schedule an appointment. Our friendly agents are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to figure out the best course of action for any problem you may be experiencing with your Dodge truck even if that is only devising the best routine checkup schedule. So call us, visit our website or come on in with just a short drive from Winston Salem and talk with us in person. There’s no reason that your Dodge truck can’t stay on the road for decades to come.

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