6 Reasons to Keep Your Gas Tank Full

November 14th, 2022 by

Why You Should Always Keep a Full Gas Tank

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Turns out your parents were right when they warned you when you all those years back — you should always keep your gas tank at least a half full or all the way filled. .

Sure, you’ve probably since heard that this is another one of those many driving myths out there, or that letting your gas run low now and again is actually good for your car. But we’re here to reveal why empty tank space is never a good thing. Check out these six reasons to keep your tank topped off to learn more!

1. Empty Tank Space Can Cause Condensation in Your Fuel Tank

Empty tank space isn’t really empty at all. This space is full of air, which contains water vapor that can become condensation on the inner walls of your fuel tank. Condensation can be harmful to your gas tank for several reasons, but the main issue is that rust and corrosion can form on metal fuel tanks. Additionally, the condensation that runs down into your fuel tank allows water to mix with gasoline, stopping your vehicle from performing properly. 

2. Letting Your Gas Run Low Leads to Car Mechanical Issues 

Driving your vehicle on empty or close to it is tough on your gas tank, but it also creates many other mechanical issues.. When there’s not enough gas in your car, your fuel pump will often begin sucking in air. This causes it to overheat and leads to unnecessary wear and exhaustion to the pump. You may even find yourself paying out for replacement parts and labor if your fuel pump gives up completely. 

Without enough fuel, your vehicle fuel filter can also become clogged and inefficient. This means more sentiment and dirt in fuel tanks — which also risks dirt finding its way into your fuel injector. And, while a clogged fuel injector is more common in older models than new vehicles with their plastic tanks, running out of gas can wreak havoc to the engine no matter how new your vehicle is. 

3. Fuel Lines Can Freeze During the Winter Months

More so than ever during the winter months, it’s crucial to keep your gas tank topped up on the regular. This is because extremely cold temperatures can cause your car’s fuel lines to freeze. As a result, your car may stall or not start at all. 

Don’t think that this only applies to those of you with older used vehicles either! Although it’s true that older cars are less likely to have sealed fuel injection systems, even newer vehicles are at risk during the harsh winters than many parts of the US can experience. 

4. A Full Gas Tank Offers Better Gas Mileage 

As well as the negatives you can avoid with a full gas tank, there are several advantages to keeping your gas tank topped up at all times. And one such advantage is improving the gas mileage of your vehicle. 

Many people are under the impression that having less fuel in your tank means your car weighs less and is more efficient as a result. However, what’s more likely is that your car’s fuel economy is best when there’s less air caught in your fuel tank, i.e. when the gas tank is full. Having a tank full of gas means the fuel evaporates at a slower rate due to the lack of air, giving you more miles per gallon. 

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5. Keeping Your Tank Full Saves Time and Money

Roadblocks, traffic jams, holiday hold-ups, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances can all drain your tank – and your time. Especially when you have to make a detour to fill up your tank before work or an important event. Or even worse, you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere after you run out of gas. 

Rather than always leaving it to the last minute to fill up your gas tank, make a habit of filling up on gas when you’re not pushed for time or headed anywhere. Even if your tank is around half full, making a pitstop the next time you spot cheaper gas prices stops you from being late. Plus, your car and your bank balance will appreciate it too!

6. It’s Safer to Drive With a Full Gas Tank

Another obvious reason to keep a full gas tank is to stay safe while you’re out on the road. If you’re driving on the highway at a higher speed and your car shuts off due to an empty tank, your power steering and your power brakes will also shut off, which could be very dangerous, or even fatal.

Even if you are able to pull over safely after running out of gas, there’s still the issue of having to walk to the nearest gas station while dodging other drivers along the roadside. Or, if you manage to get stranded in very hot or cold conditions, having access to air conditioning or heating powered by your car’s full gas tank of gas will make a world of difference while you wait for help.  

Top Reasons to Always Keep Your Gas Tank Full

We know it’s not always easy to remember to keep your gas tank full. But aiming to fill it up to the top whenever you get gas is good for your wallet, your timekeeping, your safety, and above all, your car! In fact, maintaining a full gas tank is one of the easiest preventative car maintenance measures you can take to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s fuel pump and engine. 

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